Our Story

I think by now we’ve all seen the social media post that says “most women can be a mother but it takes a bad ass mom to be a dad too.” It didn’t really hit me until someone special in my life sent it to me and I began to think about it. Yeah, I guess that is about right! My life is so different now and so am I.

Thinking back on how the past year has changed my life, I see such a dramatic change in who I am as a person. My husband and I decided to divorce but remain great friends. He moved 16 hours away leaving me to raise our boys. He sees them frequently. Disclaimer: if you came here looking for a baby daddy bashing blog or a drama filled rant you aren’t going to get it here (well at least not the baby daddy drama rants). Before he left, I relied heavily on him to guide me on how to do things. I’ve always been strong willed but tamed myself because it was better than fighting all the time. He’s strong willed too so we would have been worse than wrestlemania! Truth be told we are better friends now than we’ve ever been. Think the TV show Reba. Now that he’s gone I’m learning to do so much on my own. I’ve also learned how blessed I truly am because friends and family have stepped up to help in anyway that I need. I have changed my outlook on life and now roll with the punches and try to stay as positive as I can. My boys are taught that when God closes a door we praise him in the hallway. They are also taught to praise Him in the storm.

Who am I? I’m Sarah, 30 year old single mom to three amazing boys. I am a full time nurse.Disclaimer: I cannot and will not give medical advise on this blog. If you are having a medical emergency call 911. Seek medical advice from your family doctor. I deal with Alzheimer’s and dementia. So you might just learn about that here. I homeschool so there will definitely be some of that here! One of my boys is autistic and is high functioning. You will definitely find some autism related info here. We live a natural life the best we can. I am a social activist raising activists. We peacefully but fully stand up for what we believe in. Am I going to shove my beliefs down your throat? Nope. Am I going to post what I believe to be right? Absolutely. Here’s where I stand on this. If I offend someone, I’m sorry that you were offended, but am not sorry for how I feel. I may not agree with you or may even be offended too. I’ll never ask you to apologize for your beliefs (with a few exceptions, I will NOT tolerate or support anything that is accepted as morally wrong… Example: rape. That will get you cussed in a New York minute). I am flawed but saved by grace. I will not apologize for my faith or pretend to be perfect. We do scouts. We are starting sports. Our lives are a busy, crazy adventure but boy I sure am enjoying it.


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