The Exciting Life of a Homeschool Mama

I am 30 years old. It’s the weekend. I’ve got my little black dress on. Hair done and make up game on point. These shoes are starting to kill my feet but they are too cute so I have them on. This sex on the beach is delicious! My friends and I love this bar. The music is great the atmosphere is wonderful. It’s the perfect start to the weekend…

Then I wake up and realize that it’s 9 PM! I’ve fallen asleep in the pile of homeschool papers again. Who knew there would be so much planning? Not me for sure! That little black dress is in the closet and I’m in yoga pants and a tank top. My hair is in a messy bun and make up who am I kidding! It’s a different life than a lot of my friends. I work weekends so that my parents can help with the kids lowering my child care costs. My friends are just now starting to get ready for the night and I am making a pot of coffee just so I can get through cleaning the kitchen before bed.

I have really got to get more organized so the house functions as it should. I haven’t found the perfect plan yet, but I am trying.


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