Aren’t You Afraid They’ll Be Antisocial

They age old question that every homeschooling parent just “loves” to hear. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t ask this when they learn my children are homeschooled. How is this acceptable to ask a perfect stranger?

My poor children have no social skills. They hide in fear when someone talks to them. They don’t have any friends and are super quiet… Yeah right! My kids are very well rounded. They are outgoing, friendly and hilarious! They make friends everywhere we go. At times they are too social. They don’t know strangers and we have to have serious talks about tricky people often out of fear that they will forget how dangerous some people can be.

There are so many social activities my children participate in:

  • Co-op:  Many co-ops meet multiple times a week. Ours meets once a week but that works well for us.
  • Cubscouts: Our pack has weekly meetings during that public school year. We also do family campouts, summer camp, and twilight camps. As they transition into Boy Scouts they will become more busy.
  • Church
  • Play dates: We attend play dates at least weekly but often more frequently.
  • Co-school: We combine school with my best friend and her children weekly. Our kids are the same age and we use the same curriculum so it is great to have two different teaching styles.
  • Attend local events: I participate in several activist groups and mom groups. We often meet up and go to local events and festivals. The kids play together, socialize, learn and have a great time.
  • Library: We go to the library for story time or different festivals and the kids can play with other children.
  • Free or cheap classes,plays or concerts: Its a great way to make new friends and change up our homeschool schedule.
  • Sports: We have tee ball, karate, swim and soccer throughout the year.
  • Extra lessons: Music classes, horseback riding etc. all add to their social circle.

As you can see, homeschooled children have the same social advantages as other school children and at times get more social activity and in different settings with different age groups.

What are some ways you socialize your kids?


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