Mommy-Son Date Night #1

When your 7 year old comes to you and says “why do you never have time for me anymore?” What do you do? You make time for that child. Now, with that being said, K gets and takes up a lot of my time. He is homeschooled and in scouts. I am his teacher and his den leader and one of the pack leaders. So planning and attending events for both are for him! But as a 7 year old child you don’t see that. This divorce has not been easy on anyone but especially him. We are starting a new routine and a new tradition for all of the boys. K and I are starting a new book series. We will read a chapter every night at bedtime just he and I after the littles are in bed. When we finish a book we will go to the library just he and I and pick out a new book. The new tradition is mommy-son date night. 

Tonight we went to the local steakhouse and the movies. We got to chat and plan and talk about things we want to accomplish over dinner. We  then went to the movies and enjoyed Captain America: Civil War.  It was very good. Over all we had a great night. Next will be E (5)’s turn then C (4)’s turn. This way each child gets that much needed extra attention. I am going to start collecting ideas and marking events that we would like to go to and give them a menu of sorts of things to pick from. I also intend to collect coupons and use them and include as many free events as possible. Our budget is pretty tight and I try to pinch pennies when I can.


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