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Day 1 Getting Organized Part 2

Ok so I actually couldn’t give it up so I worked on the clothes. I have Kon Mari’d the crap out of the clothes haha! I have so far gotten rid of 6-42 gallon trash bags of clothes. I have a feeling I will be getting rid of more though because I have lost so much weight in the past year. Divorce has been the best weight lost program ever! I lost 230 pounds on day 1 of that diet and it was all butt! Ok enough with the divorce jokes!  I am super excited to get rid of all the clothes we aren’t using. I will be using a few websites: thredup, eBay, online yard sales and a couple of local consignment shops. Instead of donating everything, I will be selling some because I am trying to get out of debt and also saving to take the kids on a vacation.
But I have to make a confession! This is what I’ll call the confession of life with lupus… There are days where I am exhausted! Today is one of those days… I always try to push through when I can. But tonight I just am hurting and tired… Half of my bed is clear and the other side is covered in clean clothes to be sorted. I will always be very honest on here and not sugar coat life like I have it all together. Though I wish I did!


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