Day 1 Getting Organized

You know it’s a terrible thing when you have to organize start organizing. I started with the pantry. This is something I have wanted to do since the boys’ dad left. I just never seemed to have the time, but today was the day.

I found so much expired food or food that we now can’t eat due to food allergies and autoimmune disorders… Lucky us, be super jealous! Haha.  So I swept and mopped and organized by kind of food. Yes, I am OCD so it happens.

This has now given me room and motivation to build a stockpile with coupons. I love getting motivated! I was going to get more done, but my nephews spent the night and well for now I am done until they are in bed. I have a group of 8,7,6,5&4 boys in the house… God help me haha! Love them!


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