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Kombucha Fail/Win

My growing family loves kombucha, a fermented tea with many health benefits! We love it to the point we were dropping lots of money on it each week. Well, being the badass broke mama I am, I decided to do as many of our friends do and brew our own. I started last Friday our batch. I made one gallon. My intentions were to do continuous brew, so we always had bucha when we wanted it. I was going to do a second ferment on a couple quarts and make a soda. So today was the day!!! I was excited. Then I go to the container… Where’s all my bucha!? “Oh mama it’s so tasty!” 

They have been sneaking and stealing the kombucha! I was able to draw off 10 ounces to put in the fridge. They drank almost a whole gallon this week!!! Little stinkers! So glad they enjoy healthful foods and beverages but geez o Pete let me make some! Needless to say, I didn’t get to try any.
Batch number two is under way and I’m hoping *fingers crossed* to be able to make soda next week… Stay tuned!


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