Memorial Day Lessons

Yesterday my sister and I took our boys to the local fallen soldier memorial. It was wonderful to show our oldest kids that freedom doesn’t come free. Our children know the importance and respect we have for our service members because their dads are combat veterans. But them touching the names of the local fallen heroes really made it hit home.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with them these heros. I wish people would understand in counties where fireworks are outlawed they shouldn’t be shooting them off though. It bothers many of these soldiers with PTSD. It’s frustrating. I also want to specify there is a difference in holidays: Memorial Day is to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, Armed Forces day is to celebrate those who are active duty and Veterans Day is to honor those who are serving or have served. And while I will never discourage thanking a service member for their service (this should be 365) Memorial Day is to remember those lost lives. Also, just being completely honest, I have a strong desire to slap the stupid out of people who think it’s a good idea to say “HAPPY memorial day” especially to service members or their families! As I was married to a vet, who had a lot more control than I do, he’d cringe when he’d hear someone say it. Me on the other hand would blurt out exactly what he wanted to say “what the hell is so happy about it?” Yes, we are happy for our freedom, as we should be! But for those who lost someone they love as payment for that freedom it’s a cold harsh reminder they have to live their lives without them! *stepping off soap box*


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