Starting a New Business Is Tiring

A new business venture is exciting, but holy cow is it tiring. Meetings, building clients, drafting forms, figuring out how to get your website to not change after save it even though it continues to do so. All week it has been something. Pretty sure I have ran circles around myself this weeks because if it is not on the calendar I don’t think I remember what I did.

I did order business supplies after spending countless hours changing what I wanted the documents to say. I did set up a list of potiential marketing opportunities. I did go to a meeting this morning with a county official who specializes in the demographic my business is for. It went well so that was win!

On a side note: I did manage to get my divorce papers drafted and ready to send to the soon to be ex. I did successfully take all three boys by myself to the amusement park and came home with all three so that’s a win! All three went to bible school. I found and got them signed up for summer school. I started researching co-ops for next year. I didn start researching state laws to see if I can do school for two kids that aren’t legally mine. I did attend a Cub Scout leader meeting and got my assignment for camp next week. I did finish my audiobook. “Accidental Saints” by Nadia Bolz-Weber and decided that I am pretty sure she is my soul sister. Haha. It was a great book and I highly recommend it. I did successfully get 2 gallons of kombucha and made a batch of mint, strawberry and muscadine all of which are yummy! 

Now I’m at the doctor and taking this incredibly long wait period to write this and work some more. I am so tired lol.


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