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Are You My New Daddy?

Yesterday was the big day. The day the boys met my new boyfriend. I was nervous. What if they don’t like him? What if he doesn’t like them? Our whole future was to be determined by this meeting. I promised my kids I would never be with anyone they don’t like and approve of. 

He actually beat us back to the house. I took a deep breath as we got out of the car. They tackled him in the driveway! It was going to be a good day! They hit it off they played and wrestled and had a good time. Except that moment I broke my foot on the slip and slide, but I digress.

At bedtime, C asked him “are you going to be my new daddy?” I took a deep breath and got ready to intervene, but before I could he calmly told him “Buddy, I would love to be your daddy, but you already have one. Your daddy loves you even though he can’t always be here. But I can be your friend and I’ll always be here for you as you grow big.” C seemed satisfied with that answer. 

It was a great day! Now I am looking forward to the new chapter in our lives. He has two kids as well. I really hope to blend our families well. I know it won’t always be perfect for us.

On a side note, I found a kitten. We named her aurora, after sleeping beauty, and we are calling her Rory.


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