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When times get tough you get creative

The ex hasn’t been working. No work equals no child support which puts me having to pay all of the bills on one job and bills fall behind. Sometimes a girl has to get creative. Today I sold unused and broken jewelry and took 5 bags of too small clothes to a gold exchange shop and children’s consignment store. 

This by no means brought in a large sum of money. About $400 dollars. But that keeps food in the house and the lights on. I am in the process of getting rid of all the stuff that I’m not using that is just sitting here cluttering up the house. I am going to be selling more things. I am trying my hardest to get out of debt.

I am still looking for more creative ways to come up with some extra cash. I am couponing again and in the process of starting my own business. Possibly taking on side jobs and scraping metal. Flipping furniture and much more

 I keep being told by B that I work too hard. My outlook on life is that I was put here to be the mom to three wonderful boys and a mom figure to his two wonderful boys. I am nothing special but I am raising five special people and they are going to change this world we live in. I am going to work hard so that they can have the future I want for them. The future they deserve. I love them much more than they will ever realize. I just hope that they walk away with the strength and courage it takes to change the world!


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