Jelly Beans and Strong Willed Children

Tonight while visiting my parents E decided to shove a jelly bean up his nose. I knew it was coming but hoping they would be the kids that wouldn’t put things in their nose. Holy cow! It freaked me out!

Then while cleaning out our rather messy car, I let the boys watch TV in the freshly cleaned living room. This is what I walk into. Tomorrow is another day.

Sometimes it’s hard to let messes go. I have OCD and it is very hard to deal with messes. I practice gentle parenting. Tonight I had a hard time being gentle. As a parent I try so hard to be perfect. I know it’s not possible. I will fail. I will let them down. I will lose my temper. I will be big enough to admit when I am wrong. I will bite my tongue when it is hard to. I will love them unconditionally. It’s okay to be imperfect. It’s ok… One day at a time.


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