VAXXED the movie

After many months of efforts, it happened! VAXXED: Cover-up to Catastrophe got brought to my town! This controversial film has been backed by many celebrities including Robert Dinero. It is a documentary about the CDC whistleblower and his account of the cover up linking the MMR combo vaccine to autism.

This film is an incredibly important film for all to see. Not because vaccines are evil. Not because vaccines are amazing. No matter your stance on vaccines, it is so important to research what we put in our bodies and our kids bodies! We have the right to know the risks. Pharmaceutical companies need to be held accountable for vaccine injuries. A senior scientist for MIT predicted 1:2 kids will be autistic by 2032. That is horrifying! Who will be our doctors, police, firefighters, teachers?

#Educatebeforeyouvaccinate #VAXXEDthemovie #VAXXEDKNOXVILLE


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