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Thrifty Dressing

I love a good deal! My mom and grandmother took me shopping today and decided I needed a new outfit. This is something that I am very thankful for. My new single lifestyle means less money and less money to spend on me. I have changed my whole prissiness to fit our budget. I do my own nails, do my own hair color and cut, my own eyebrows (they are a mess right now) and stopped buying new clothes. This last thing has resulted in poorly fitting clothes and learning to sew to repair items that were damaged. I even opted to fix my boyfriend’s shirt the boys accidentally ripped and attempted to take in a pair of pants that were a few sizes too big.

Today we went to Bargain Hunt, a place that I usually go for just food and homegoods. Bargain Hunt gives a percentage off based on how long the item has been in store. My skirt was marked at $10 and I got 80% off! My shirt was $2.25 and my shoes were $15! Less that $20 for a complete outfit. This was amazing.

I will definitely be looking for more clothes there for myself, BF and all of our boys.


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