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 Kon Mari the Books

Kon Mari methoding the books is a hard thing for me. My boys have books that I saved as a little girl to read to my kids one day. I am an avid reader. I love to read and these childhood books were the start for me. However we have so many books thanks to family members, my old books, my sons love for book, imagination library, etc. I have to get rid of most of the books. These books do not include the books aquired from homeschooling! We have two full sized toy boxes and one bookshelf filled with books and it is a bit much! I will be selling what I can on Amazon, the local used bookstore and eBay. I really like the local used book store because we can get credits and use them to buy DVDs, curriculum and of course more books, but they also sell video and board games at a discounted rate.

Thank goodness my best friend has agreed to come help me aka force me to get rid of some books.


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