You Know What Pain… 

Bite me! That’s what! For the past month, I have been battling chronic extreme pain. 3 ER, 2 doctors, 1 ambulance ride and 6 diagnoses later we have an answer. Degenerative disk disease. I have been unable to get out of bed except to go to work and that is because as a single mom you do what you’ve got to do to keep the lights on.

Friday, I stood up with my C, my four year old, helping me and walked outside then upon coming back in passed out from pain. Alone with three kids. In the floor… Unable to get up. It was the scariest moment of my life. My kids are so impressive though. C yells for K, my 7 year old, “mommy floor need help hurry hurry.” K comes down and panics naturally. I tell him to calm down “mommys ok but I need you to help me.” I told K to take the two little boys to my room, turn on Netflix and come right back to me. So he does. Then I have him look me in the eyes “I know this is scary and mommy is scared too but we will get through this but we have to tough for the little boys ok? Next I need you to enter the pass code for my phone and dial this number” He dials my mom twice… No answer. So he starts to dial my fiancé and mom calls back “Nana, mommy passed out and is in the floor. I’m putting you on speaker talk to mommy” so she gets my grandma to come get the boys and I call 9-1-1 to send an ambulance for me. I tell K to help the brothers change clothes and get shoes on. He does. Then he call my fiancé. “Braddy mommys hurt talk to mommy” At this point all I can get out of my mouth is “baby, I passed out I’m scared. The ambulance is coming. Meet me at xyz hospital”

I work an important job. My dream job. Honestly, depending on the severity of this I may have to switch careers. Stay tuned for a bunch of updates, frugal/thrifty living tips and more about my crazy health problems and how to treat them and how I will work as an activist until a cure is found. Pretty much I have a couple of autoimmune conditions are kicking my butt.


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