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For months I have tried to get the money together to keep my house. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t do it. Sometimes your best isn’t good enough. So here I am a 30 year old mom of three, moving back in with my parents. This is not an ideal situation. 

I am having to sell my house. The house I bought by myself when I was 24 years old. The house that’s the only one my boys remember. The one where the new couple that moved across the street would eventually become my best friends. Now she’s my realtor.

It is nice to have a clean start. That’s also the house where my husband told me he was leaving. I was sitting on the front porch step when he told me didn’t love me anymore. The funny (not at all) part of this is our first new car together is not fixable so I have to get a new car too.

So this allows my boys and I to have a fresh start. We can be who we want to be in this life. It’s a blank slate for us to start over.


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